“The Long Female”


“The Long Female” will allow you to tailor your 2 favourite shirts, to make them both look like they were made just for you.  Even better, your most favourite shirts won’t be damaged by any pins, which means you can enjoy a long and happy time wearing them, with confidence, knowing you are not showing.



“The Long Female” uses the same amazing technology as her little sister, “The Female Original”. This means she is ultra-lightweight, easy to use, and will stay in place all day long, fixing your shirt gape. “The Long Female” clip is designed to line up exactly with your other shirt buttons, so no-one will know you are wearing it. “The Long Female” is amazing at fixing shirt gapes in shirts with wider button seams – it works perfectly with shirts with seams of 2.5cm and upwards.  If your shirt seam is narrower than 2.5cm, choose “The Female Original”.

So, how does it work?

It is easy to use, with just four steps.

Step One: Attach the Stop The Gape clip wherever you have a gape.

Step Two: Line up the adjustable magnet slider with your other buttons so that all your buttons will align.

Step Three: Fix your spare button from your shirt on the Stop The Gape magnet provided and then finish doing up your shirt. From the outside, your Stop The Gape button will look exactly like your other buttons.

Step Four: Wear your shirt with confidence, and no-one else will know you are wearing one.  Unless you tell them, that is!

If you are anything like us, you probably have a couple of shirts with a gaping problem.  Each Stop The Gape clip has enough magnets to fix 2 shirts!

Note that this product will be in stock soon, and can be pre-purchased today.