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So much shopping, so little time…

Goodness me, I attended the UBM Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas this week and I am not going to lie, it made me want to change careers!  Thousands of square metres of space filled to the brim with some incredible collections covering fast fashion for Autumn/Winter 2018/2019, through classical collections, all the way to couture formalwear.  There were 2 different aircraft-hanger size halls just filled with shoes.  Imagine!!  I had never been in such a treasure trove of delight before.

But it was like showing a child a candy store, and then telling them it was closed for business.  Or showing a man the Bunnings sausage sizzle, but telling them the gas had just died.  You see, the buying there was not for the individual, but for retailers to fill their stores with over the next 2-3 seasons.  So little old me was able to walk around and see all these beautiful wares, but not purchase a single thing.  It was torture.  And heaven.  But mostly torture.

I did have a lot of fun though, and learned some amazing things about what we are going to see in the next few years in terms of colour and styles.  So, here is my round up from Magic August 2018.

Fast Fashion

There is a really strong focus upon the boho chic look coming back, with a very strong lean towards 1970s layering.  Laurie Pressman from the Pantone Colour Institute notes that in Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 we will see this continued layering look, with growth in multi-local, embracing different heritages.  Inca meets Asia.  Colours will be strong but earthy, think Martini Olive, Deep Red, or Russet Orange.

I expect that the shirt dress will be a big staple during this time, in a maxi dress style that provides the wearer with a relaxed and laid-back appearance.  Make sure that if you are wearing one, you make it fit you perfectly using your handy little StopTheGape clip.

Classic Contemporary

When I think Classic Contemporary I think about an update on the beautiful cut of 1950s clothing, with an Audrey Hepburn-esque update.  It seems whilst this is true, Classic Contemporary is on the rise as we move towards 2019/2020.  There will be an increased merging of street style and luxury.  Some have been ahead of the curve with this one, for example Rihanna has adopted this juxtaposition her whole life it seems.  It looks like it will become much more the norm to see the traditional street fashions in luxury fabrics and cuts. I suspect the Kardashian and Jenner households will be leading the charge.


The overarching theme from the Magic show for me this year was Sustainability.  This focused upon not only better and more sustainable production practices, and how products can be made with a smaller carbon footprint, but also the continued growth of resale of ‘gently-used’ clothes.  The rise of the Salvation Army store is upon us!  With clothes that are made with better quality, and styles and colours that can transcend multiple seasons, it enables us to have our full of fashion, with minimal environmental impact.  Win-win as far as I am concerned!  And you can make sure that your re-purposed shirts, blouses or shirt dresses fit perfectly with your hand little clip.

The Round-Up

Magic 2018 was an eye-opener.  Being so new to this world of fashion, I hadn’t recognised the level of effort that buyers go to when purchasing for each store.  It does assist me with the question I have pondered for a long time, being, how do all the stores suddenly know which colours are going to be big?  It’s because so many are sourcing from amazing retail tradeshows like this one.   There is such camaraderie between retailers and designers.  Each trying to get their wares out for the general public to see, of course, but doing so in a very respectful and delightful way.  My first experience at Magic was just that, Magic, and one I won’t forget in a hurry.

And now, back to my change of career to becoming a buyer….

Till next time,


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