Very Upclose

The Story Behind The Gape

Showing Without Knowing...

My name’s Jo and I am a wannabe shirt-wearer. It sounds like something from the 12 steps, doesn’t it, except I don’t do anonymous well, and quite frankly, neither do my boobs. In fact, they are often quite the exhibitionists! I can’t count the number of times that I have been sitting in a meeting room, or taking off a sweater, or even simply scratching my back, when one or other of them will try their hardest to say hi to the outside world.

The Gape Is Not A Great Look

Sick of the pin-pricks in my fingers from ‘fixing’ my shirts closed, I decided enough was enough. Surely we could do better than a safety pin, right? Cue hours of design, testing, more design, and more testing and...


Time To Stop The Gape

Our patent pending technology allows you to attach the Stop The Gape clip wherever YOU need it.  Better yet, it won't damage your clothes, your fingers or your sense of style, as it doesn't require pins, and is virtually undetectable to anyone but you.

And it’s not just women who have this gaping problem. Many a time I have sat opposite a man in a meeting room, or on the train, or just walking down the street, and been lucky enough to see the tummy “treasure trail”. Or it’s equally tasteful cousin, “the chest rug”. Thankfully, Stop The Gape also has a range designed to assist men to stop unintentionally showing off their bits too.  If only every little annoyance in life could be solved so easily!

So, I am Jo