“The Male”
Fixes 2 Shirts


“The Male” is fully adjustable, and can be worn wherever needed to fix your gaping shirt.  Wear your favourite shirts with confidence knowing that your chest or tummy hair need not be on show again.  No more 1970s bad detective look isn’t a bad thing, right?




At Stop The Gape we know that everybody is different, and the way that you wear your shirt is probably different from the next guy.  We have designed “The Male” to manage this with ease.  So, if you are noticing that you are letting a little of your chest hair show, without necessarily wanting to resemble a 1970s TV detective, or you are finding that your tummy is a bit more on show than you would like, Stop The Gape “The Male” can fix that.  And even better, it won’t damage your favourite shirt.  It is fully adjustable and looks just like any other button on your shirt. Gaping shirts will be a thing of the past, and you can feel comfortable, knowing you are not showing!