“The Spare Buttons Female Long Set”
Fixes 4 Shirts


“The Spare Buttons Female Long Set” is perfect for those occasions where you can’t for the life of you remember where you left your spare buttons.  It includes 5 common button colours and “The Female Long” clip so one will be sure to match your favourite shirt.



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Stop The Gape clips are designed to use the spare button that is usually included with your garment.  You know the one; it sewn onto the label, or comes in a little envelope with the tags.  However, if you have filed your spare buttons in a long-lost corner of your walk-in, there is no need to fret.  “The Spare Buttons Female Long Set” has 5 of the most commonly used button colours for you to use instead.  So, no matter if you shirt is pink, blue, or white, we have a button that will closely match it.  With 4 spare magnets, and including “The Female Long”, which best suits shirt plackets of greater than 2.5cm, this set will help you forget what you have lost.

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