“The Female Original”


If you have ever spent your day tugging at your shirt, trying to keep that annoying little shirt gape from showing, this product is for you!

“The Female Original” is our most popular female product, and for good reason.  It is super easy to use, lightweight, and designed to fix your gape without damaging your favourite shirt or blouse by using pins.  Instead, it uses the spare button that comes with your shirt, attached to our clip and it looks identical to all your other buttons.  So, you can confidently stop that shirt tug, and get on with your day, knowing you are not showing!

“The Female Original” will allow you to tailor your 2 favourite shirts, to make them both look like they were made just for you.



Stop The Gape “The Female Original” is the original clip.  We know that you, and your shape, are unique.  Stop The Gape “The Female Original” will help you to wear your favourite shirt, dress, or shirt-dress and have it fit you the way it should.  

So, how does it work?

It is easy to use, with just three simple steps. 

Step One: Put on your shirt as normal and do up your shirt buttons until the point of the gape then slide the Stop The Gape clip on.

Step Two: Using the spare button that came with your shirt, attach it to the Stop The Gape magnet provided, and then finish doing up your shirt.  Pop the magnetised spare button where your gape was and from the outside, your Stop The Gape button will look exactly like your other buttons.

Step Three: Be confident!

This pack comes with magnets to fix two shirts, so you can look and feel fabulous in your two favourite looks!

Is this pack right for me?

Like you, your shirts, blouses and shirt dresses are unique too.  Some have thinner button seams, and others wider. If the button seam for the garment that gapes is 2.5cm wide or less, then this clip is perfect for you.  If the button seam is over 2.5cm, go with “The Long Female”.  If you can’t decide, choose “The Double”, which includes one of each!